Most Popular Movie-Themed New Slots UK


Well-known slots have become fairly fashionable in the world of online gambling. It seems that players are tired of something with customary online slots themes, and gambling developers have exposed that well-known brands make great replacements. Movie-themed slots are a number of of the most popular recognised games, based on an extensive range of both new and old films.

The Dark Knight is the most recent movie-themed slots game to strike the online casino marketplace. It was on the loose in June 2012, and was right away well-received by means of players. It seems that the timing of the game’s let go was just what the doctor ordered, in view of the fact that it coincided with the let go of Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises film.

The slots game is based on the second film in the Dark Knight sequence, featuring characters like Harvey indentation, the Joker and official Gordon. Graphics are in use in a straight line from the film, giving the game a very sensible look. The Dark Knight slots also gained a great contract of attention because Micro gaming linked the game to the Mega Molar progressive jackpot network. Over the route of the history year, it was awarded the top prize two times.

The Lord of the Rings was one more popular movie-branded GOLD RUSH! SLOTS game from Micro gaming. Unfortunately, officially permitted disputes between the Tolkien Estate and Warner Bros Studios compulsory the game to live pulled from the online casino marketplace. For the period of its time in the online gambling world, it was very popular. With a Mega Molar jackpot and cinematic graphics, Lord of the Rings slots was an enormous hit in the middle of slots players and fans of the fantasy series.

In the land-based casino world, one extra version of Lord of the Rings slots still exists. Designed by WMS Gaming, it is in addition a progressive jackpot game. Recently, it awarded a generous jackpot worth extra than £7 million, and continues to create a centre of attention a great contract of optimistic attention from players at element and mortar casinos. This version of the Lord of the Rings New Slots Site UK has yet to be affected by Warner Bros’ officially permitted issues.

Web Entertainment has also in use up the tendency of developing movie-themed online slots. One of the company’s most successful identified games is Scar face, based on the classic gangster movie starring Al Pacing. The game features an attractive additional benefit series that emulates the final shootout in the film. Players take for granted the position of Tony Montana as they shoot down enemies and gain cash prizes. It is one of the extra interactive additional benefit games out there, and is the reason that Net Entertainment’s Scar face slots game has turn out to be so successful.

Just on the subject of every online casino developer has created movie-themed Best Slots Site UK. From science creative writing films to blockbuster action movies, film-based slots cover a wide variety of genres and eras.

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